Hole 8





Similar to the seventh hole the view from the tiger tees here is mind blowing.

This hole has changed quite considerably since the course first opened in December 2001. From the two sets of tees the golfer is faced with a large landing area that bottles into a small neck of fairway protected by bunkers. In typical Cashmore style the landing area is quite large for the not so experienced player and gets narrower the further the ball gets advanced down the fairway. A small bunker on the left hand side of the fairway, and two fairway bunkers on the right hand side create this bottleneck type effect. The only bunkerless green on the golf course awaits as players are forced to shoot blindly into this bowl shaped green. It is hard to get it close to the pin on this green as judging the distance can be near impossible. The green is fairly flat with only hole locations at the back of the green causing any real dilemmas.

TIP: Play down the right hand side of this fairway from the tee, aiming directly at fairway traps. This will leave the shortest route to the green. The second shot can be played in a number of ways. Because the green sits in a bowl those players just wanting to find the surface can hit the ball in from the right or left and let it feed off the slopes. To get the ball close to the flag, aim directly at the entrance to the green.

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