Women’s Pathway Program

13th Beach Golf Links members enjoy many benefits

At 13th Beach Golf Links, we are committed to helping women experience the game of golf in a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment, so we created our Women’s Pathway Program. Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive community that encourages growth and learning and promotes gender diversity in the sport.

The Women’s Pathway Program aims to grow new golfer’s confidence, help them connect and develop friendships with our members, gain a handicap, and develop their knowledge of the rules and common etiquette.

This unique opportunity allows women to start their golfing journey at any level, from absolute beginner all the way through to full membership:

Level 1: short 4 week clinics
Level 2: 6 month clinic
Level 3: 9 hole transitional membership
Level 4: Full membership

In addition to this membership initiative, 13th Beach is a proud signatory to the R&A’s Women in Golf Charter and our club was recognised as a 2023 Visionary of the Year by Golf Australia. 

To find out more, email the 13th Beach Golf Links Team: membership@13thbeachgolf.com

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13th Beach Golf Links members enjoy many benefits. 

We offer leased memberships, shareholder memberships as well as our unique Women’s Pathway Program. 

Please call our membership team on (03) 5254 2922 or email membership@13thbeachgolf.com for more information.

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